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No me canso de decirte que eres especial
Yo robe la primera de tus risas
Te veía con ternura al dormir
Me asomaba en las noches a escuchar tu respirar

Las estaciones han pasado
Las experiencias te han cambiado
Ahora me hablas de irte
Me duele soltar tu mano pues otro hombre la ha de tomar

Lo he de admitir
Tengo celos de tu futuro
Me gustaría el mantenerte cerca de mí un poco más allá
Extraño a la niña de mis sueños mis manos buscar

Eres una ladrona
Has robado una parte de mi corazón y te lo llevas contigo
¿Como te atreves a llevarte ilusiones y recuerdos de mi vida?
Me dejo caer bajo el hechizo de la sangre que nos une

Te miro de cerca sabiendo de la distancia que pronto nos separara
Tu nombre significa princesa lo has llevado con honor hasta el altar
Me quedo con la esperanza de ser único en tu vida
Cedo ante la petición de tu corazón

Quiero que termine la fiesta
Deseo solo estar contigo y bailar
Llevarnos al ritmo de la música
Dejar que la música termine para así poderte entregar

Te veo irte sonriente
Tu camino has ya decidido emprender
Otro hombre sujeta tu mano
Ha seducido tus oídos con palabras de amor y ternura

Al fin; acepto tu partida
El ritmo de la música mitiga los nervios de mi respirar
¡Anda ve tras tus sueños!
Así yo te he enseñado a soñar

Dulcemente suelto tu mano
Ya tu nombre pronto has de cambiar
Los acompaño a la entrada
Hasta aquí puedo con libertad proclamar
¡Ve vuela princesa!
En ti se repite la historia de la tierra del nunca jamás


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I’m speaking to you, the one who is reading this article:
Don’t you get tired avoiding your responsibility in life?
Are you ready to seek an upgrade?
You are unique and special, though we can have some similarities between us, without a doubt you have something special that no one else has— your smile, the way you see life are unique to you!
Now that I have your attention may we do something together?
I’m going to lead you in a pray that will change your life. Are you ready to repeat after me?
Here we go:
“Father forgive me for being materialistic and selfish, for thinking that I’m the only one who suffers in this world. I don’t laugh like a child anymore with the complete reassurance of been loved and accepted. Forgive me for blaming others for my own mistakes. I don’t know how to forgive myself, help me. Forgive me for reminding myself of past mistakes—those things for which I already asked forgiveness that you don’t remember.
I want to see your will as the best choice in life; my own will can take me off your path. Teach me that following you is your will indeed! You hear my point of view all time, thank you for letting me speak out and hearing my doubts, you really listen my heart.
Especially forgive me for thinking that you way is tough democracy, for forgetting your word is perfect and full of love, made to protect me. It was given to me as a shield! I know how stupid I look when I think that I’m smarter than you.
Forgive when I think that “macho man” is somehow an expression from you and feminism is something you hate too. You created us with strengths and weakness to support and heal one another in our time of need. There is no such thing as superiority in your eyes, we are equal, challenge our lives to come out from the comfort zone.
Thank you for your tender love and give me a beautiful morning that shines for all mankind because I can smile in the middle of the storms! Raise me up when I fall. I love your sense of humor.
I’m asking for the poor; let me be your hands and feet to be the one who can give enough for them. We are millionaires as we eat three times a day, have a bed a roof and dresses for each day of the week. Help me to remember to appreciate your blessings over me! How I can think you don’t care about me?
But most of all I want to ask you today: help me live the extraordinary life! I want to be like Jesus (the one who came to serve not to be served) Amen.”

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