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It was like a dream, just wake up this morning and suddenly finds myself as an anchor man doing the most incredible interview of my life, just in in front of me with very light and unique presence ; God himself!
Nothing to do with the histories going around, no lights, no thunders, with a big smile he just looks calms and relax waiting for my questions, he sat on the chair take a sip of coffee brewed from the cafeteria next to my office, he refuse to have and autograph session at the end of the interview, he wants a low profile after all is what he said
Once the signal “on air” turns on, we start our conversation:
Me: God, are you unsatisfied with the human being?
God: No, I’m still with and always be
Me: sorry, I don’t understand
God: well, you don’t have too
Me: sorry, let me try again, I’m lost with your answer, how is that?
God: see, you like answers from me, but I already give you a clear explanation about my plans now and for the future and what are you doing about it?
Me: really sorry, but I’m the one who is making the questions
God: there you go; yes you are making the questions, because you don’t have any answers at all and you have twisted and selfish concepts concerning me
Me: how is that? I’m a man of my own
God: yes you are, but here we are talking face to face with the one who make you from clay and blow from my spirit life on you and that is hard to believe, right?
Me: well when I was a kid, use to believe on that but now is kind of …
God: stupid is the word that you are looking for? going against the world’s way of belief is not easy, right?
Me: well, science is telling me that life comes from the Bing bang, theory is really awesome
God: you think that you are smarter and wiser than a kid with his first red balloon on his hands, it shines and give him such joy and you are acting with the same innocent mind about creation, all comes from nothing and for every answer you find comes more questions, for every link with evolution there is more questions marks on the way, you got a few clues about how everything start and every one gives is own interpretation and way of explanation and; boom you got a new theory!
Me: as you said, we are looking for the truth, but it takes time
God: and if one day you find the absolutely truth about how life starts, then what is next?
At the end you may find that have all the answers about creation is just one piece of the puzzle
Me: what are you talking about?
God: you are looking for answers just to keep your mind busy but you are not searching the truth just want to avoid me and keep me away from your choices on life
Me: But the people is looking for the truth
God: I’m speaking to you; do you really want to know the truth?
Me: well, yes, I want the all truth
God: ok, then I’m the truth
At this moment he stands up, walking to the door, ready to leave the room and before I could say any word he turns his eyes on me and said:
God: Conversation is not over, wait for you any time you like, next time, coffee is on me ,the door is open and time is up to you, thanks
He left the room but somehow knew that this conversation will not be over after all


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