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Once the Devil came to talk with God, somehow he missed the talks that they had when Lucifer was one of the most faithful servants, the most beautiful Archangel created on earth so was remembered, the closest and the most loved at the time, only God would understand him and came to love him like a son, for God was a very hard losing one of his dearest friends, was as booting one arm in life, but he do not hesitate to its decision and condemn him to be banished from “the city of God”
Watching with envy as God servants work with each other, luminosity, harmony and order in the “city of God” nothing compared with the cries of distress of the hell where he was convicted, irritated, annoyed greatly see disabled children running freely among the majestic gardens, a blind child was guided by an eagle on his shoulder which he had fun with it to tinker up at times in the air, a girl without a leg had fun with frenzy mounted on a black horse which obeyed his command with the grace of a Heron in the water, birds of all types, even the extinct dodos were walking in the plantations of colored flowers, the sound of the bustle gave more life to the lively city, fruits were abundant to anybody who just extended his hand, green pastures extending in all directions cut seamlessly by the goats and cows which were moving freely in the midst of them, the weather was so nice as the beginning of the summer when a single breeze refreshes the environment, Lions and lambs was distributed among groups of humans of all ages talking among themselves with countenance of tranquility, the word “fear or anxiety” were not part of the vocabulary of this Kingdom, those words were banished to the depths of the abyss where Lucifer had built his throne
Walking in the streets in the middle of the night or day enlightened by the Majesty of the divine throne, Lucifer could express annoying under this “perfect” atmosphere of safety and comfort: they follow you by your power! So you give them!
They follow me for love!! A voice among the crowds speak tone firm creating a profound silence in the middle of the bustle around the throne, a simple man, carrying a baby in his arms approached Lucifer without losing his affable smile and his gesture of authority, he was the son of man which walked to engage in dialogue with all its friends in the city for a moment, looking at the baby in his arms, started to explain:
” look at this baby who has arrived here, his mother had to witness how cruel men guided by your thoughts of death took his baby and threw him against the wall to defend my name on Earth, in the midst of the pain in her soul she entrusted to my care which I could not resist and I am here with my friends in the Kingdom taking care of the little boy until his mother catching him here in “the city of God” think It will be very soon because the Dungeon is hard and takes days without eating, but she has not denied me, because she loves me and joyful I will correspond to that love, she has decided to love and forgive those who have been humiliated and offended her, she has decided to love in the middle of everything and before that I cannot deny such calling, I have prepared a special place, look!, in this House near the Lake did build a place to rest, from there she can cuddle his baby under the murmur of the waves and ducks that there have arrived, make a bed of silk that I asked the worms spinning, my friends will visit in shifts, never again she will be alone that can assure to you, that my friend is more than what money can buy, only love can pay for it”
Lucifer keep silent, knew that nothing could replicate, outraged embarked on the return to their domains, in the darkness of his thoughts where in his madness is writhed in pain to think that he had lost his right to remain within “the city of God” and exclaimed reluctantly the truth hiding from humanity: the truth is in love!


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Tu hermosa risa en la fotografía cautivo mi mirada
Cabellos de luna cuando la noche llega a reinar sobre el día
Fragancia de aromas sin final es tu presencia a la luz de las velas
No temes reír de las penas del pasado

Caminas con certeza de los tiempos
La fotografía te mostraba bella en el marco de madera
Te haría un marco de sándalo aromático mi doncella
Pero como podría una sola foto enmarcar tu belleza

No me hables del pasado
Hablemos del futuro donde tú y yo nos venimos a encontrar
No me atrevo a tomar tu mano así de puro es mi amor
Déjame contemplarte en tus ilusiones de mujer

Es cierto no te puedo comprender
Déjame tocar tu corazón y aceptar tus penas como mías
Enjugar con mis lágrimas las penas de tu alma
Quiero ser tu complemento de vida al caminar

Hazme tu pensamiento de mañana
Refrescarte por la tarde ante el calor del pesar
Prometo ser guarda de noche
Cuidar de tus sueños al descansar

Nos separan varias cosas difíciles de librar
Hagamos puentes de esperanza
Torres altas donde correr en tiempos de tormenta
Abrazarte en el final de los tiempos
De tu corazón yo tu guarda quiero llegar a ser

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